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Happy New Year from the Goose Alert blog-

Happy New Year to readers of the Goose Alert blog! We hope that 2010 will be a great year for everyone and a cancer free year for kids. Within the next 60 days, the book, I love you my Goose will be launched. One of the purposes of the book is to raise awareness of children’s cancer but another goal is to build a national commitment to end childhood cancer within the new decade. More details about that will come later so please bookmark this blog and return often for updates. Happy New Year!

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Jarrett's Joy Cart to hold fundraiser January 25-

As previous posts on the Goose Alert blog have indicated, Jarrett’s Joy Cart was one of the brightest spots during Patrick’s battle with childhood cancer. A few stories about Patrick and how much he loved the Joy Cart are mentioned in the book, I love you my Goose.

We have been provided the following release from Joy Cart representatives:

“We are pleased to announce that the O’Shea’s Family of Pubs has selected Jarrett’s Joy Cart to Kick Off the 2010 Monday Fund Days at the BAXTER AVENUE LOCATION.
On Monday, January 25, 2010 from 11AM-Midnight, 100% of all proceeds will go directly to Jarrett’s Joy Cart!
Please mark your Calendar, and pass the word on to all of your family, friends, and coworkers to head downtown, and enjoy dinner, or a pint for this wonderful cause!”

O’Shea’s is a fun place to eat and visit and anyone in the Louisville area on January 25 should drop in and help raise funds for Jarrett’s Joy Cart.

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Petition to end childhood cancer is a worthwhile effort-

One of the leading aggressive efforts to raise awareness of children’s cancer and help fine a cure is a group that is aiming to obtain 1,000,000 signatures on a petition to raise awareness and funding for childhood cancer research. The site is the combined effort of People against Childhood Cancer and CureSearch. The petition effort has more than 41,000 signatures thus far and needs public assistance to keep the effort moving. The PAC2 web site contains a wealth of information about children’s cancer and anyone who wants to help fight children’s cancer should visit the site. As a part of my book launch in 2010 I expect to speak again about this effort. Visit the web site and sign the petition. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/CureChildhoodCancer

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Alex’s Lemonade Stand is making a commendable effort raise money to fight children’s cancer
One of the main purposes of the book I love you my Goose is to raise awareness of children’s cancer and a part of that effort involves giving publicity to the many groups that are actively raising money and awareness to fight the number one childhood killer. One of the groups that is worth noting is the group entitled Alex’s Lemonade Stand. This non-profit foundation was begun after a four year old cancer patient, Alexandra Scott held a lemonade stand to raise money to find a cure. The group has now raised more than $ 25 million to fight children’s cancer in the name of “Alex.” The group is active on face book http://apps.facebook.com/causes/1213?m=de15dddc and also can be located on the web at


Thankfully, so many people and groups out there who are fighting for a cure. One of the things I believe must be done, however, is to provide an organized national commitment to bring all these groups together and demand that this national commitment to end childhood cancer within the decade be made.

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Jarrett’s Joy Cart gives joy to kids who have the least reason to smile-

One of the purposes of the book, I love you my Goose is to bring awareness of children’s cancer but other parts of the book promote some very worthwhile efforts that have been made to make life for children with cancer more enjoyable. One such effort that is mentioned in the book is Jarrett’s Joy Cart.

“So many times during Patrick’s countless hospital stays, the Joy Cart was a blessing from Heaven,” the book states.

The joy cart was begun by Jarrett Mynear, a boy from Nicholasville, Kentucky who fought cancer from age two until his death at age 13.

The web site for Jarrett‘s Joy Cart states that “as a patient himself, Jarrett knew that being in the hospital is scary and lonely. He also realized the importance of knowing that someone else was thinking about you as well. Jarrett’s goal in starting the Joy Cart was to bring excitement and joy into every child’s hospital stay.”

Patrick “Goose” loved the joy cart and I love you my Goose tells how Jarrett’s goal has become a huge success.

For more information or to make donations to Jarrett’s Joy Cart see their web page http://thejoycart.com/

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Win a free 2 column ad in newspaper’s special edition to be published during the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky-

Readers can win a free two column newspaper advertisement by suggesting the best book launch idea for my upcoming book. I am in the process of making plans for a book launch for my upcoming book, I love you my Goose, about my son’s battle with cancer. The book is intended to raise awareness of children’s cancer. While I have already begun initial plans for a book launch I realized that the best ideas for a book launch might come from potential readers. Therefore I am inviting readers to suggest an idea for a book launch. We will pick the best idea and try to use it when the book launches in early 2010. The winning idea will also win a free two column ad in The Bourbon County Citizen in conjunction with the newspaper’s special edition during the World Equestrian Games next year. You can use the ad for any purpose you like. Deadline for making an entry is February 1, 2010. You can provide your idea by signing the guest list on the first page of my web site. http://www.iloveyoumygoose.com/index.html

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