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About Jimmy Brannon, author, I love you my Goose
About Goose and his best friend named Bud
About the book and the fight to end children's cancer
The Patrick Brannon Memorial Dog Park
Goose Alert Blog to end children's cancer

Goose Alert Blog

Fighting to end Children's Cancer within the next decade

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Welcome to the Goose Alert blog!

The blog for my upcoming book, I love you my Goose is designed to help publicize my book don’t make any mistake about it. But more importantly this blog is designed to help launch not a book, but a war to end children’s cancer within the next decade. This blog will also hopefully be helpful to other parents who have lost a child due to cancer and all those who fight the biggest disease killer of children in America. In the days and weeks that come leading up to the launch of the book in early 2010, I will make periodic updates and in the meantime I encourage site visitors to post their comments and suggestions. As the father of an extraordinary child who lost his life fighting cancer, the war that this book seeks to begin may seem to be a great deal of work; but I can assure you that for me the work this war brings is going to be fun.

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About the author
About Goose and his dog named Bud
About the book
The story of this boy's battle with cancer gave rise to the building of this memorial dog park
Goose Alert to end children's cancer blog

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